Dear Supporter,

Would You like to commission a new composition from Sanna Ahvenjärvi?

As a commissioner, You will be able to support Ahvenjärvi’s music by commissioning a small or large scale composition which could be for example a solo work, choral work, chamber music, symphonic work or an opera.

The benefits from becoming a patron are for example the following:

• the composition, which You have commissioned, will be dedicated to You

• You will receive the score and parts and You will be invited for the premier of the work sitting next to the composer

• You will also be able to follow the commissioned work in its progress and You will also be able to discuss about the work with the composer

You do not need to be a musician or music professional in order to discuss about a commission. If You have a strong interest in art and music and You think that Sanna Ahvenjärvi should have the possibility to compose a new work funded by You or Your organization, then You should contact Sanna Ahvenjärvi from the contact page and tell about Your idea of a new composition.

The composer owns the commissioned work and all rights to its use under Finnish and/or International Copyright Law. The commissioner does not have a right to sell, rent or share the material (score and parts) forward.

This is a great opportunity for You to get to know what happens in a process of composing a new piece. Commissions are very important to composers.

Thank you for Your interest!

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